Tuesday 7 July 2015, by Baptiste Cecconi

RadioJOVE is a public outreach do-it-yourself kit for radio observations of the Sun and Jupiter around 20 MHz.

RadioJOVE Project

The RadioJOVE team is selling a antenna and receiver kit. The goals of this kit are public outreach and educational purposes. There now are users all over the world.

There are two kinds of RadioJOVE receivers: the standard single frequency receiver available in the kit, that can be tuned around 20.1 MHz; and the advanced spectral receiver, spanning from 16 MHz to 30 MHz. Most of the users have the single frequency set up. However some of them are using the spectral receiver, which provides very nice radio spectrograms.

The vast number of observers located all over the world is of great interest for the scientists studying Jupiter in the low frequency radio range. Indeed, there are only few ground based instruments monitoring the jovian radio emissions, namely at Nançay (France) and Iitate (Japan). Adding the RadioJOVE data would help a lot, especially, with the upcoming space mission exploring Jupiter, JUNO (NASA) and JUICE (ESA).

The data are currently available in two ways: either through screenshot posted on the radiojove-data mailing list; or in the RadioJOVE archive web site. However, neither of those two sharing paths provide ready to use scientific data. The MASER team approached the RadioJOVE team to enhance the scientific usability of the RadioJOVE data. The first step was to define a data format. This step is completed (see report below). The second step is under study and aims at using the VESPA (Virtual European Solar and Planetary access) infrastructure to share the data.

MASER RadioJOVE Projects

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