Wednesday 8 April 2015, by Baptiste Cecconi

LESIA-Mag is a Webservice offering Jovian Magnetic Field models data.

The LESIA-Mag webservice is a computing service that produces VOTables containing magnetic field vector time series for a given spacecraft, time interval and magnetic field model. LESIA-Mag scripts is internally calling an AMDA-CDPP webservice to get the time series of locations of the selected spacecraft during the selected time interval.

Cook book

The LESIA-Mag webservice provides methods based on SOAP. Here is the useful information to invoke the LESIA-Mag methods:

  • Web Service URI:
  • Namespace:
  • WSDL:
  • SOAP header:
    • Name of the SOAP header element: ’clientID’
    • SOAP header’s content (*): array(’from’ => ’YourName’, ’hostip’=>’’)
  • Methods:
    • calculateDataPointValue (IMPExWSClass Object)
    • calculateSurface (IMPExWSClass Object)
    • calculateDataPointValue_Spacecraft (IMPExWSClass Object)
    • getFileURL (inputArray)
    • calculateFieldLine (IMPExWSClass Object)
    • calculateFieldLine_Spacecraft (IMPExWSClass Object)

Online Resources