Spectral Information from Low Frequency Emissions

Tuesday 7 July 2015, by Baptiste Cecconi

SILFE (Spectral Information from Low Frequency Emissions) is visualization tool for measured and simulated radio spectrograms, and associated event catalogs.

Link to SILFE

The SILFE online tool is aiming at providing researchers in space physics with an easy to use mean to handle radio spectrograms from various sources, to analyze and to compare them.

As SILFE was originally part of project SACRED, it was built to display both data and simulations from the very beginning. In order to do so, SILFE is using an extension of the SPASE standard, as developed in the frame of the EC FP7 IMPEx project. This allows SILFE to reference and dialog with SPASE-IMPEx compliant simulation run database, and to handle the associated metadata. VESPA and PDS interfaces ware added later on to give access EuroPlanet and NASA compliant databases.

The current prototype needs to be transformed into a more usable tool. Various ways are under study to achieve this goal. A collaboration with L. Coutouly (engineer in Nançay, database expert) has just started. She has also been developing low frequency radio data display prototype, based on big-data concepts (NOSQL). On the other hand, there is a long standing will at CDPP to support the low frequency radio astronomy in Meudon. Such a support can only be realized via subcontracting. The main showstopper at this time is the current lack of technical project manager available at LESIA. A Research Engineer position dedicated to heliophysics and low frequency radio astronomy has been proposed as a top priority by the PADC Scientific Committee. However, due to limited funding capabilities, it is unlikely that any recruitment is possible shortly. Until then, the SILFE project is continuing on prototyping.