Cassini/RPWS/HFR N3e Data Collection V1.0

Friday 3 April 2020, by Baptiste Cecconi

This collection is composed of Cassini/RPWS/NHFR (Radio and Plasma Waves Science / High Frequency Receiver) hourly N3e (Level 3e) files.

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The data collection contains hourly Level 3e goniopolarimetric binary files, derived from the High Frequency Receiver (HFR) of Cassini/RPWS (Radio and Plasma Waves Science) dataset. This data collection has been produced following the "Circular Polarization mode" goniopolarimetric Inversion described in section of Cecconi and Zarka (2005).


The collection is composed of XXX binary files containing data as described in the table below.

N3e data record descriptions
ydh long 1 yyyydddhh of current file
num long 1 index of record in current file
S float 1 V^2/m^2/Hz Spectral flux density
Q float 1 Normalized linear polarization degree Q
U float 1 Normalized linear polarization degree U
V float 1 Normalized circular polarization degree V
th float 1 deg Source colatitude (in S/C frame)
ph float 1 deg Source Azimuth (in S/C frame)
SNR float 2 dB S/N Ratio on autocorrelation values

The total length of a single record is 40 bytes.

The file naming convention is: N3e_XYY_yyyyddd.hh

  • X: a 1-letter code for the calibration in use.
  • YY: a 2-letter code for the radio source location assumption.
  • yyyy: Year in 4 digits
  • ddd: Day of year in 3 digits (0-padded)
  • hh: Hour of day in 2 digits (0-padded)

Coverage and sampling

  • Time range: 1998 to 2017
  • Time resolution: 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Spectral range: 3.5 kHz to 16.1 MHz


The Cassini/RPWS/HFR N3e data collection has been produced by B. Cecconi, L. Lamy & P. Zarka, from the Observatoire de Paris/LESIA Cassini-RPWS team, with the support of CNRS and CNES.


Any question or request should be addressed to


  • Cecconi, B, and P Zarka. 2005. "Saturn Kilometric Radiation: average and statistical properties". J. Geophys. Res.,113, A07201. doi:10.1029/2007JA01290