Sunday 24 March 2019, by Baptiste Cecconi

MASER provides access to several radio emission catalogues, either for Solar emission or Jupiter emissions.

Solar Radio Emissions

HELIO Feature Catalog

The HELIO Feature Catalogue service was developed during the FP7 HELIO project. Among other catalogues, it contains a Solar Type II radio Burst catalog which is built on low frequency radio dynamic spectra received from 3 spacecraft (WIND, STEREO-A et and STEREO-B).

Jovian Radio Emissions

Historical Jovian DAM Radio Burst Catalogs (1978-1983)

A series of Jovian radio emission catalogs were published by Leblanc et al. (1981 and 1983) during the Voyager era. These catalogs were available only as low quality typewriter tables. They have been reprocessed to put them back online in a more usable form (using The dataset will soon be available online.

New Jupiter DAM Radio Catalogue (1990-2016)

Marques et al 2016 studied 26 years of NDA Jupiter observations and derived a catalogue of Jovian radio bursts. This catalogue is available at CDS in Vizier.