MASER Datasets

Sunday 24 March 2019, by Baptiste Cecconi

MASER Data collections are distributed by its four groups.


The ObsParis/LESIA group of MASER provides access to Cassini/RPWS/HFR, Voyager/PRA and Juno related data collections.


The ObsNancay group of MASER provides access to Nançay Decameter Array data collections, and studies LOFAR and NenuFAR prototypes.


The CDPP/CNES group of MASER provides prototype access to various deep archive CNES repository collections: INTERBALL-AURORAL/POLRAD/RSP, DEMETER/ICE


The LPP group of MASER is prototyping access to high level datasets for Cassini/RPWS/Sounder and SCM, as well as THEMIS/SCM.