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Thursday 18 March 2021, by Baptiste Cecconi

Service Organisation

The service is managed be a Scientific Coordinator (B. Cecconi, LESIA, Obs. Paris) and a Technical Lead (S. Aicardi, DIO, Obs. Paris). A coordination team is composed of the service task’s leads, with three external members.

Service Tasks

The MASER service is split into four tasks:

  1. Data Collections: (a) PADC/LESIA collections (lead: B Cecconi); (b) CDN/Nançay collections (lead: JM Grießmeier and L Lamy)
  2. Models & Simulations (lead: B. Cecconi)
  3. Infrastructure & Interoperability (lead: S. Aicardi)
  4. Software Library (lead: X. Bonnin)

MASER Groups

The MASER activity is conducted in various groups:

It is supported by PADC and CDN.

ETP 2020

OSU ETP (%) dont Ingénieurs (% ETP)
ObsParis 143 98
OSUC 5 5
OMP 50 0
TOTAL 198 98