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MASER Voyager-PRA Repository Collection V1.0

Wednesday 6 January 2021, by Baptiste Cecconi

This collection gathers all datasets available of Voyager 1 and 2 Planetary Radio Astronomy (PRA) instrument. It mirrors datasets available at NASA Planetary Data System, NSSDC (National Space Science Data Centre) and other places, with various metadata quality. This repository gathers all available datasets. Additional access methods and metadata are provided.

Link to data repository


List of Datasets

NASA/PDS datasets

NASA/NSSDC datasets

These datasets are not staged at NSSDC. They are available only on request, and shipped on CDROM. We provide a direct access here. Documentation to be provided.

NASA/GSFC datasets

Datasets kindly provided by Mike Kaiser, now retired from NASA/GSFC. May be similar to NASA/PDS RDR-LOWBAND datasets). Documentation to be provided.

University of Iowa datasets

MASER datasets

Goniopolarimetric (Level 3) datasets are under study and will be distributed by the MASER team at LESIA.


The MASER Voyager-PRA collection has been gathered by B. Cecconi, L. Lamy en P. Zarka, with the support of PADC, Observatoire de Paris, CNRS and CNES.


Any question or request should be addressed to contact.maser@obspm.fr

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