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Wind/Waves/RAD1 LESIA L3 DF Data Collection V01

Thursday 6 July 2023, by Baptiste Cecconi

This collection is composed of Wind/Waves/RAD1 daily L3 DF files.

A new version of this dataset is available at: https://doi.org/10.25935/hegh-1r24

This collection is part of the Wind/Waves LESIA Collection (TBD).

Link to data repository

The files are available from the LESIA/Wind data repository (link below). The repository file hierarchy and the link with the other LESIA/Wind collection are described in TBD.

  • This dataset is not available anymore. Use the new version instead.


The data collection contains daily Level 3 goniopolarimetric CDF files, derived from the RAD1 Receiver of Wind/Waves dataset. This data collection has been produced following the goniopolarimetric Inversion described in X.Bonnin, S.Hoang and B.Cecconi (2022).


The collection is composed of TBD CDF files (TBD GB) containing data as described in the table below.

L3 DF data CDF zVariables description overview
Epoch CDF_TIME_TT2000 Epoch time of the record
sweep CDF_UNIT2 Index of sweep in current file
frequency CDF_UNIT2 kHz Frequency of analysis
num CDF_UNIT2 Sequential number in parent L2 data file
flux_density CDF_REAL4 W/m^2/Hz I Stokes parameter of the source
elevation CDF_REAL4 deg Wave vector elevation
azimuth CDF_REAL4 deg Wave vector azimuth
angular_radius CDF_REAL4 deg Radio source angular radius
modulation_rate CDF_REAL4 Signal normalized modulation rate

The file naming convention is: wi_wa_rad1_l3_df_yyyymmdd_vxx.cdf

  • yyyy: Year in 4 digits
  • mm: Month of year in 2 digits (0-padded)
  • dd: Day of month in 2 digits (0-padded)
  • xx: Data version in 2 digits (0-padded)

Coverage and sampling

  • Time range: 1994 to today
  • Time resolution: 45 to 185 seconds.
  • Spectral range: 20 kHz to 1040 MHz


The Wind/Waves/RAD1 L3 DF data collection has been produced by X. Bonnin, B. Cecconi and K. Issautier from the Observatoire de Paris/LESIA Wind/Waves team, with the support of CNRS and CNES.


Any question or request should be addressed to contact.maser@obspm.fr


  • Bougeret, J.-L., Kaiser, M. L., Kellogg, P. J., et al. 1995. Waves: The Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation on the Wind Spacecraft. Space Science Reviews, 71, 2311995. doi:10.1007/BF00751331
  • Manning, R. & Fainberg, J. 1980. A new method of measuring radio source parameters of a partially polarized distributed source from spacecraft observations .Space Science Instrumentation, 5, 161. ads:1980SSI.....5..161M

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