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JUNO-Ground-Radio / Nançay Decameter Array

Thursday 18 May 2017, by Baptiste Cecconi

The Nançay Decameter Array (NDA) is located in Nançay (France). It is sensing radio frequencies from 10 to 80 MHz with an array of 144 helicoidal antennas. More info.

Name Nançay Decameter Array
Frequency Bandwidth 12-80 MHz
Antenna Type Tee-Pee helicoidal antenna
Number of Antenna 144
Beams 1 beam
Polarizations Dual circular
Bandwidth depends on receiver
Beam FWHM 7° x 14°
Instrument Sensitivity
Beam Sensitivity +25dB at 25MHz
Array Geometry 144 Antenna


  • JUNO-Nancay
  • New-Routine
  • Routine

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