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JUNO-Ground-Radio Observations Support

Tuesday 5 January 2021, by Baptiste Cecconi

The JUNO-Ground-Radio team is grouping all major radio decametric observatories in support of the JUNO mission.

It is lead by C. K. Louis (ORCID), with the support of B. Cecconi (ORCID) and P. Zarka (ORCID).

JUNO-Ground-Radio will provide access to data acquired on the following instruments:

This will ensure a very good temporal coverage of the decametric Jovian radio emissions. A planning tool has been set up to manage the coordinated observations.

The data will be shared among the team and to the community using VO standards. To ensure this interoperability, the data have a common formatting in CDF. Data reader software is also provided to help scientific use of the data (including JUNO/Waves data).

Decametric Observations Ground Support Example
Decametric Observations Ground Support Example

Example of comparison between data form Nançay Decametric Array (top panel), Dave Typinsky RadioJOVE (middle panel) and Iitate Observatory (bottom panel). This plot has been produced using Autoplot and CDF formatted data files.

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