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JUNO-Ground-Radio / RadioJOVE

Tuesday 7 June 2016, by Baptiste Cecconi

RadioJOVE is a public outreach project with users all over the world. Some participants will provide radio observations from 20 to 30 MHz using various antenna and receiving systems. More info.

The RadioJOVE project is proposing a build-it-yourself radio observatory kit (antenna and receiver) for observing Jupiter and the Sun on a narrow band at about 20.1 MHz. There are more than 2000 kits that has been shipped all over the world, although not all of them are active. The observers are using the RadioSkyPipe software to operate their telescope and to monitor, stream and record their data. From this software, it is possible to see data that are streamed by other observers at the same time.

A smaller group of observers are operating wide band receivers: the Spectrograph User Group (SUG). These advanced user are providing science-quality data although using antenna with limited effective area.

The RadioJOVE data produced during the JUNO-Ground-Radio campaign will be archived at NASA/PDS/PPI, with the collaboration of PADC and LESIA.

A few links to RadioJOVE observatories:

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