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JUNO-Ground-Radio / Reading Data

Tuesday 7 June 2016, by Baptiste Cecconi

JUNO-Ground-Radio data are distributed in CDF format. Software librairies for reading CDF exist for all major computing languages. CDF file content can be easily displayed with tools like Autoplot and TOPCAT.

Getting data

The data is shared through the VESPA infrastructure. The VESPA portal is the main entry point, but other tools and software can connect to that network and retrieve data for it (such as TOPCAT).

On the VESPA portal, select "Jupiter" as a Target Name, and "em.radio" as a Measurement Type.

NB At the moment, JUNO-Ground-Radio services are not yet registered, so data products are not visible in this simple query interface.

Displaying Data

Two software are suggested for this purpose.

  • Autoplot

Reading Data

CDF libraries are available in many data processing and programming languages:

  • C
  • Matlab
  • IDL
  • Python

We also propose a series of CDF routines that are dedicated to this project, with more adapted functions. This action is a collaboration between VESPA and MTSU, Nashville, TN. They are available on those 2 Github repositories:

(More to come...)

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