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Jupiter magnetic field polar projections database : application to Juno

Monday 19 February 2018, by Baptiste Cecconi, Corentin Louis, Laurent Lamy, Philippe Zarka, Renee Prange

As part the european involvement supporting the Juno mission, the LESIA research group on planetary magnetospheres is mainly working on:

  • analyzing observations of Jupiter’s magnetosphere by using recent magnetic field models (VIPAL and ISaAC);
  • acquiring and analyzing high resolution decametric observations in support to Juno with the Nançay Decameter Array;
  • coordinating the Juno-Ground-Radio team;
  • developing and maintaining the APIS service, which provides access to public UV auroral observations of Jupiter.

The LESIA team includes : P. Zarka (Juno key personel), B. Cecconi, L. Lamy, C. Louis, R. Prangé and S. Hess (now at Onera, Toulouse).

General description

This page provides public access to polar projections of the Juno magnetic footprint during perijoves ±5h computed with 3 different magnetic field models.

Magnetic Field Models

  • ISaAC [link]: Hess, S. L. G., B. Bonfond, F. Bagenal, and L. Lamy, A model of the Jovian internal field derived from in-situ and auroral constraints, in Planetary Radio Emissions VIII, edited by G. Fischer, G. Mann, M. Panchenko, and P. Zarka, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, Vienna, 157–167, 2017.
  • VIPAL [link]: Hess, S. L. G., B. Bonfond, P. Zarka, and D. Grodent, Model of the Jovian magnetic field topology constrained by the Io auroral emissions, J. Geophys. Res., 116, A05,217, 2011.
  • VIP4 [link]: Connerney, J. E. P., M. H. Acuña, N. F. Ness, and T. Satoh, New models of Jupiter’s magnetic field constrained by the Io flux tube footprint, J. Geophys. Res., 103(12), 11929–11940, 1998.
  • Current sheet [link]: Connerney, J. E. P., M. H. Acuña, and N. F. Ness, Modeling the Jovian current sheet and inner magnetosphere, J. Geophys. Res., 86, 8370–8384, 1981.

Latitude-Longitude map of the magnetic field magnitude

Comparison of the magnitude of the surface magnetic field between the three magnetic field models given above.

Dataset Description

Polar maps

The polar maps accessible below display the magnetic footprint of the Juno spacecraft at each perijove ±5 hours projected onto the northern/southern hemisphere (as seen from above/below) at the 1-bar level, using planetocentric coordinates. The green, blue and red colored lines respectively indicate the Juno footprint derived from the ISaAC, VIPAL and VIP4 internal magnetic field models, complemented by the Connerney current sheet model. The tick marks indicate UTC hours. The black dashed line plots the Io footprint measured from UV observations [link]. The green dotted lines plot the footprint of ISaAC-derived magnetic field lines mapping to 20 and 50 Rj at the equator.

Two pdf files are provided for each perijove (one per hemisphere).

The Juno trajectory was retrieved from the University of Iowa ephemeris service (reference kernels).

ASCII files

The ASCII files accessible below provide for reference the used Juno ephemeris and the coordinates of its northern and southern footprint using the ISaAC internal magnetic field model (only) complemented by the Connerney current sheet model. One ASCII file is provided for each perijove.

Data use policy


These data are distributed under the CC-BY-4.0 license. The data are thus freely available and can be modified, processed and redistributed, under the following conditions: citation of the data origin (see below) and link to the present license in the processed or modified dataset. For any questions/request on their use, please contact Corentin Louis at contact.maser@obspm.fr.

Rules of Use and Citation

Although these systems are freely distributed, there is a significant amount of work behind their generation and development, as well as limitations explicited in the referenced articles so that we kindly ask you to inform us of any work using these results.

According to the CC-BY-4.0 license, this dataset shall be either cited or their contributors acknowledged, in any scientific publication using this dataset.

Data Access

PJ# Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
ALL Northern polar projection [PDF] Southern polar projection [PDF]
PJ1 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ3 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ4 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ5 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ6 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ7 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ8 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ9 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ10 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ11 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ12 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ13 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]
PJ14 Northern & Southern polar projection [ASCII]

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