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Thursday 18 March 2021, by Baptiste Cecconi

The CDPP/CNES group of MASER provides prototype access to various deep archive CNES repository collections: INTERBALL-AURORAL/POLRAD/RSP, DEMETER/ICE

CDPP Archive

The CDPP/CNES Archive is managed by the CDPP (Centre de Données de la Physique des Plasmas). The access to the data collections is currently requiring a user login. Once logged in, the user must select the datasets, order them and retrieve them when there are ready. This workflow is not in line with modern interoperability practices. CNES has developed a series of authenticated webservices that allows to query and order data products programmatically. This webservice has been implemented by the MASER team in the maser.data.cdpp module of Maser4py library. An authentication token delivered by the CDPP/CNES team is required to use this library.

A prototype using this interface is available on the ObsParis das2stream prototype server (for Interball-Auroral/POLRAD/RSP and Demeter/ICE data collections).

The following screenshot illustrates this prototype, Interball-Auroral/POLRAD/RSP data:
Autoplot Interball Polrad