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MASER - ObsNançay

Thursday 18 March 2021, by Baptiste Cecconi

The ObsNancay group of MASER provides access to Nançay Decameter Array data collections, and studies LOFAR and NenuFAR prototypes.

Nancay Decametre Array

The Nançay Decametre Array is located in Nançay (France) and depends on Observatoire de Paris and LPC2E, in Orléans. The instrument is observing routinely Jupiter and the Sun, in a spectral band ranging from 10 MHz to 40 MHz.


A prototype IVOA ObsTAP service is available for Pulsar datasets acquired with the FR606 LOFAR station (international LOFAR station located in Nançay).

The FR606 LOFAR tables are available from the vogate.obs-nancay.fr server.


During its ongoing commissioning phase, the NenuFAR team is implementing interfaces consistent with the MASER guidelines. Solar system observations will be distributed with an VESPA/EPNcore table and das2stream endpoints will be provided (already available in the Nançay das2 server data source list, but currently requires a login).