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RadioJOVE New Archive

Monday 11 January 2016, by Baptiste Cecconi

RadioJOVE is a Educational and Public Outreach program lead by an international team of volunteers (mainly US based). The team is proposing a low frequency radio astronomy kit to the amateur community. The MASER team at Observatoire de Paris is now building a new archive front-end for the data produced by these radio amateurs.


The new RadioJOVE archive interface prototype is accessible here. Registration is required, either as a data provider, or as a validator. CDF formatted files and RadioSkyPipe (native RadioJOVE file format) files are now allowed for upload. RadioSkyPipe files are converted into CDF upon submission, using an IDL script. Data product summary plot and thumbnail images are built on the fly during the data validation process.

In order to check the data currently available online, you can to go through the VESPA query portal (Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access. On that page, choose the "Custom Resource" tab and fill out the following fields:

  • Resource URL: http://voparis-cdpp.obspm.fr/__system__/tap/run/tap
  • Schema name: radiojove

Direct link to the query result

Further steps

The next step will be to use Autoplot instead of stilts to build summary images.

Discussions are ongoing on the future of the current archive, and how it will be interfaced with/replaced by this new architecture. The CDF data produced here are compliant with NASA/PDS archiving. An archive proposal at NASA/PDS is currently being drafted by the RadioJOVE and PADC teams.

Involved Personel

Last Name, First NameRoleAffiliation
Cecconi, Baptiste Science Lead LESIA, Observatoire de Paris
Savalle, Renaud Technical Lead PADC, Observatoire de Paris


Conference presentations

  • Cecconi, B., R. Savalle, P. Le Sidaner and the RadioJOVE and VESPA teams, RadioJOVE: Citizen science in scientific research using the VO, Northern Spring IVOA Interop Meeting, June 2015, Sesto, Italy. PDF.
  • Cecconi, B., S.L.G. Hess, P. Le Sidaner, R. Savalle, S. Erard, A. Coffre, E. Thétas, N. André, V. Gétno, J. Thieman, D. Typinski, J. Sky, C. Higgins. Virtual Observatory tools and Amateur Radio Observations Supporting Scientific Analysis of Jupiter Radio Emissions, Magnetopheres of Outer Planets conference, May 2015, Atlanta, GA, USA. PDF


  • Cecconi, B., P. Le Sidaner, R. Flagg, C. Higgins, J. Sky, D. Typinski. VOParis Radio-JOVE study report, Feb. 2014. PDF