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Remote Datasets

Sunday 3 March 2019, by Baptiste Cecconi

Iitate Observatory (Japan)

The Iitate HF Log Periodic Antenna observatory is located in the Fukushima prefecture (Japan), and depends on the Tohoku University, in Sendai. It is observing the sky permanently from 15 MHz to 40 MHz. The instrument web page is providing links to CDF formatted data files.

  • Links to the data are available in IUGONET (search for "Jupiter").
  • A VESPA service is being developed.

RadioJOVE (World)

The RadioJOVE network is proposing radio amateur observations either in a narrow band around 20.1 MHz, or wide observations between 15 MHz and 30 MHz.

E-Callisto network (World)

The E-Callisto network is a series of solar radio observatories including 80 instruments in more than 43 locations. The instrument natively operates between 45 and 870 MHz.