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ORN NDA MEFISTO Sun EDR FITS data collection data collection

Monday 13 March 2023, by Baptiste Cecconi

This data collection is composed of daily decametric observations of the Sun acquired by the Nançay Decameter Array (NDA) with its MEFISTO (M) receiver at the Observatoire Radioastronomique de Nançay (ORN) in Nançay, France. On top of scientific measurements, the dataset also includes pointing and instrumental setup parameters.

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Decametric radio observation from Nançay Decameter Array (NDA) (Lamy et al. 2017). The NDA at the Observatoire Radioastronomique de Nancay (ORN) is a phased array of 144 "Teepee" helicoidal antenna, half of which being Right Handed (RH) polarized and the other half being Left Handed (LH) polarized. Four receivers are currently connected to the NDA, sampling data in spectral ranges within 5 to 80 MHz. This collection covers the MEFISTO high resolution receiver.


Data format

The MEFISTO data files are distributed in FITS format.

Directory and file naming convention

The directory structure is built with yearly and monthly subdirectories.


Coverage and sampling

  • Time range:
  • Time resolution:
  • Spectral range:
  • Spectral sampling step:
  • Target: the Sun


The authors acknowledge the Nançay Radio Observatory (UAR 704-CNRS, supported by Université d’Orléans, OSUC, and Région Centre in France) for providing access to NDA observations.


Any question or request should be addressed to contact.maser@obspm.fr


  • Lamy, L., P. Zarka, B. Cecconi, L. Klein, S. Masson, L. Denis & A. Coffre (2017). 1977–2017: 40 years of decametric observations of Jupiter and the Sun with the Nançay Decameter Array, in Planetary Radio Emissions VIII, edited by G. Fischer et al., Austrian Academy of Sciences press, Vienna, 455–466. https://doi.org/10.1553/PRE8s455
  • Duchene, A., Lamy, L., Loh, A., Cecconi, B., Viou, C., & Renaud, P. 2022. ORN NDA MEFISTO Sun EDR FITS Dataset Specification. Version 1.0. PADC. https://doi.org/10.25935/8ADK-K034

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