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Software Library

Tuesday 11 October 2022, by Baptiste Cecconi

Several software libraries have been developed by the MASER teams, or during related projects. This section provides access to them.

CDF is a well established standard for space physics data archiving for the heliophysics division at NASA. Recently NASA/PDS has accepted CDF as an archive format for its PDS4 archive. Since then a series of datasets have been processed in CDF, taking advantage of the existing librairies and series of display tools developed for heliophysics studies.

MASER Online Code Repository

The MASER code library is currently hosted on a Gitlab server at PADC:

Some codes are hosted on GitHub:


Building CDF files with IDL

This IDL routine has been written by X. Bonnin. It was initially dedicated to STEREO/Waves and WIND/Waves dataset productions, and it has been subsequently used for Cassini and RadioJOVE datasets by B. Cecconi.

IDL routine

NB @compile_IDLmakecdf must be run before execution (this script is part of the CDF CDAWlib distribution)

A few scripts using this routine

The corresponding CDF skeletons are provided in the next section.

CDF skeletons for Low Frequency Radio Data

The CDF Skeletons proposed here been used to build the following datasets:

  • STEREO/Waves Level 3: SKT [1]
  • Cassini/RPWS/HFR/QTN: SKT [2]
  • Cassini/RPWS/Sounder: SKT [3]
  • RadioJOVE: more details here

Building and loading CDF files with Python

Coming soon

Documents à télécharger


[1Dataset built by V. Krupar; CDF archive by X. Bonnin and Q.N. Nguyen.

[2Dataset built by P. Schippers and M. Moncuquet; CDF archive by B. Cecconi.

[3Dataset built by P. Canu and R. Piberne; CDF archive by B. Cecconi.